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If the deceased is not a member of St. Paul’s Church but is being (or has been) interred in Rock Creek Cemetery, St. Paul’s Church may be used for a funeral or memorial service under the following guidelines:

  1. Arrangements for the service should be made by the family or funeral home with the Events Manager who will determine if the church is available for the specified date and if the Rector or her representative is available to officiate. (The Rector will contact the family.) If an interment in Rock Creek Cemetery is being scheduled, it should be done with the Cemetery representative first.
  2. The church is available Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Services and viewing time should not exceed 3 hours. The church seats 150.
  3. The Rector must approve any minister asked to officiate other than St. Paul’s clergy.
  4. Request for an organist will include the following steps:
  • The Organist will be notified and make contact with the family.
  • Specific organ music and hymns will be discussed and decisions will be confirmed after discussion with the officiating clergy.
  • Requests for a singer must be agreed to by the Organist to ensure appropriateness and practicality. The church does not have a piano. If a rehearsal is required an additional fee may be charged.
  • If the Organist is not available to play for the funeral, he is responsible for providing an alternative professional organist.
  • If a visiting organist is used for the service, the resident Organist will still be paid his normal fee.
  1. Once service arrangements are complete, the Altar Guild will be notified to appropriately prepare for the service and arrange for altar flowers.
  2. Gravesite services are available to anyone being buried in Rock Creek Cemetery. The Rector or appropriate representative may officiate and should be scheduled with the Parish Administrator once the interment is scheduled.
  3. Payment arrangements for all of the above can be made with the cemetery associate.
  4. Funeral fees:
Use of the church facility $600.00
Clergy Fee To be arranged with individual Clergy
Service at grave site TBD
Altar flowers (optional) $60.00
Organist $250.00
Rehearsal fee (optional) $75.00
Parishioners are not required to pay for the use of the church but all other fees apply.

Owners of a burial site at Rock Creek Cemetery may use the Gallery room in St. Paul's Center for a repast (reception after a burial) if the room is available. The fee for this room is $600.00 for three hours with a refundable damage deposit (after 30 days) of $150.00. Food must be contracted through a licensed caterer. The Gallery accommodates up to 100 people seated at round tables or 200 if standing. The space is also appropriate for 50 or 60 people. To make arrangements please contact the church office at 202-726-2080.