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Our Core Values

We place a high value on engaging in worship that is intelligible to those new to the community, meaningful to the members of the congregation, and thoughtful to those outside the congregation.

We nurture people to claim a calling to ministry, as well as to understand their place and invaluable role in God’s Kingdom on Earth. We are committed to Christian education for all ages, and believe that all are to respond to the call to read, mark, and inwardly learn in every way possible.

We strive to be a welcoming and inclusive community, and believe that everyone who comes through our doors not only contributes to our community and ministry, but also joins us in bringing relief to the downtrodden, hope to the despondent, liberty to the captive, and good news to the poor. We believe that God loves all without exception.

We believe in giving— out of a sense of thanksgiving for the abundant gifts of God—to those outside our church walls through outreach to the community, the nation, and the world.

We place a high value on pastoral care and seek ways—both traditional and novel— to provide people and animals the comfort of the Gospel as the visible word of God.